Katie Kneebone
Podiatrist / Director, B.Pod (Hons)

katie kneeboneKatie Kneebone is passionate to provide the best care for her clients. She believes that podiatry is not just about the feet; it is making the connection between the feet, the whole person. It is not just about fixing foot problems or removing pain, it’s about a connection between her clients and herself where podiatry care enhances performance and health. It is therefore important to set goals and create a treatment plan to reach them.

Katie graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Podiatry with Honours. Her honours research explored the assessment of children’s feet. Katie is the vice-president of the South Australian Podiatry Association and works with a number of teams including the mentoring and conference committees.

Katie has come from a family with a long history in the health professions. This background has established a firm belief in a holistic approach; she believes you can’t understand one problem without looking at the whole. She is therefore committed to working closely with medical and other health professionals. A personal history of foot problems as a young child, inspired Katie to become a podiatrist. This gives her insight into her clients’ experience and how to work to gain optimal health.

Lucinda Lilly
Podiatrist, Dip App Sc (Pod)

lucinda lillyAfter graduating from the University of South Australia in 1992, roles at both Flinders Medical Centre and SPORTSMED SA have provided Lucinda with a strong background in Diabetic Foot Care, Vascular Disease, Paediatrics, Biomechanics, Sports Podiatry and Orthotic Therapy.Lucinda has been in private practice in the Mitcham area since 1996, providing quality care to patients of all ages.

As a Mum of 2 active girls involved in various sports and dance, she particularly enjoys treating children and adolescents.

Lucinda is privileged to have formed many long lasting relationships with her patients, whom she looks forward to welcoming to Kneebone Foot Connection Podiatry!

Debbie Kneebone
Principal Physio 

Debbie spent her first 15 years of physiotherapy career working between Australia and London consulting in orthopaedic and private practice. In the past Debbie has worked as a consultant to the Flinders Medical Centre assisting in patient management and post graduate lecturing. She was the Chairman of the Physiotherapy Business Association for more than 10 years and was nominated for the Telstra Women’s Business Award in 2006.

Debbie has a strong base in manual therapy, is particularly interested in complex spinal problems and headaches. She brings together a vast amount of experience in all areas of muscloskeletal physiotherapy, and employs a range of treatment techniques from hands on treatment, dry needling, cupping, pilates and many more. Debbie is motivate to keep her clients moving so they can continue to live full and active lives.

Adrienne Holmes

Adrienne has been a physiotherapist for almost 4 decades and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Kneebone Foot Connection team. She has a masters degree is manipulative therapy and has always liked the challenges of treating the complex unit of the neck and back. She has a strong background in sports, teninopathies, manual therapies and exercise prescription. She enjoys conducted classes in core, control and balance with a new found interesting of bone health being incorporated into these classes.

Daniella Hocking
Physiotherapist, B.Phys (Hons) 

Daniella graduated from University of South Australia in 2010. She has worked since then in the private setting, mentored by Debbie Kneebone. She has a strong interest in musculoskeletal pain and injury and has a background in manual therapy, pilates and hydrotherapy.

Theodore (“Teddy”) Kneebone
Our Self Proclaimed Mascot

teddyMy name is Teddy and I took the job of Mascot because of my all round great personality, desire to give love and attention to all, and clearly my very handsome feet!! As a Bernese Mountain Dog, I love to sit and watch the world go by, while begging for love from any passer-by!

My favourite activities include romping in the paddocks down at Normanville and playing with my best mate PJ. On the average day, I find it hard to stay awake for more than about an hour at a time (often much less) but am always happy to make people feel better by giving them love. You can find me waiting to greet you on the back verandah of Kneebone Foot Connection Podiatry most Saturdays! (Shy people need not worry as I’m always kept on a lead). Please come and say hello but I won’t be offended if my size makes you shy!!