Quality Podiatry and Physiotherapy Care

Podiatry-Physio Connection - Pain or other health issues rarely occur in isolation. Whether it is back, knee or foot pain, or in fact any body pain, the best outcomes are achieved by looking at how the body is working as a whole. Now with the collaboration between podiatry and physio, we give our clients the best level of care. To find podiatrists and physios working this closely together is not common place, which allows us to bring you a premier service. Katie, Debbie and all the team are here to assist you with all podiatry and physio needs.


Why choose Kneebone Foot Connection?

Kneebone Foot Connection Podiatry provides personalised foot and leg care using a broad range of contemporary podiatry modalities. Our aim will be to achieve the very best results for your feet and general health. We are an energetic, creative and hands-on practice, listening to you carefully and taking your feet concerns seriously. Come into our practice to experience our warm welcome and exceptional podiatry care.

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